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ลงทะเบียนฟรี เกมสล็อตถูกกฏหมาย

Winter Term is Open!


Get the skills and knowledge you need for today's fast-paced world. Courses are flexible and convenient. Available in online and virtual classroom formats. Learning has never been easier.

Technology Health
Business Social Science
Accounting  Mindfulness
Marketing   Human Resources?

Winter Term is Open!

Technology Suite

Discover OUR NEW Technology PROGRAMS

Designed to match your level of expertise, get the technical skills employers are looking for. Learn the latest concepts, tools, and technologies to help you get ahead.

Data Analytics

Data Science

Big Data Programming and Architecture

Open Source Intelligence

AWS Academy

Technology Suite



Expand your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities with our specialized health care programs. 

Applied Clinical Research

Professional Addiction Studies

Health Informatics

The Science of Cannabis



Human Resources Management


Learn the foundations of Human Resources Management from instructors who are experts in the field. 

Apply your new skills and knowledge immediately in the workplace. 


Register today
Human Resources Management

Mindfulness in Modern Society

Improve your personal and professional life by practicing mindfulness.

Find balance and focus in your daily life by learning the fundamentals of mindfulness with our Mindfulness in Modern Society online program.


Mindfulness in Modern Society

Academic Writing

Write effectively in any context

Master your writing skills with our flexible online Academic Writing program, designed to teach you the essential academic writing skills you need to succeed in both professional and academic settings.  

Learn the fundamentals of grammar and style, the elements of writing, academic essay writing and academic integrity concepts to take your writing skills to the next level.


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Academic Writing



Pursue a rewarding career in Accounting! Our Accounting courses provide you with the theory of university-level programming paired with practical, real-world examples you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Get the opportunity to complete a 2-in-1 credential! Take your academic courses through McMaster and receive recognition from CPA for your credits.


Register Today



Advance in the fast-paced, dynamic field of Marketing. Take your career to the next level with convenient online programs designed to fit your schedule!

Marketing Digital Marketing 
Web Design Design Thinking 
Academic Writing  Art & Design Programs


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New Data Analytics Micro-Credential!

Start this now.

Earn a micro-certification in Data Analytics with McMaster Continuing Education, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI). Harness the power of data analytics to transform your decision-making skills and drive innovation. Learn through three eight-session online courses (courses do not need to be taken in sequence.)

No application required - registration is now open!

Learn more
New Data Analytics Micro-Credential!

Student Stories

  • Jacqueline, Business Administration and Human Resources Management Student Jacqueline, Business Administration and Human Resources Management Student

    "The online classes provided the flexibility I needed to balance my professional and personal life. I was also able to study part time, leaving me time to attend to my board of director responsibilities and other volunteer activities as well."

    Explore Business Administration Program

  • Nalin, Mindfulness in Modern Society Graduate Nalin, Mindfulness in Modern Society Graduate

    "I took classes online which was helpful during the pandemic. The community feeling generated from online learning is empowering."

    Discover Mindfulness in Modern Society Program

  • Ithra, Applied Clinical Research Graduate Ithra, Applied Clinical Research Graduate

    "With McMaster Continuing Education, I was able to gain the knowledge, skills and experience that helped me with my job search as a new immigrant in Canada. On top of that, I gained additional skills in communication and problem solving."

    Explore Applied Clinical Research Program

McMaster Learning for 55+

Continue your journey of lifelong learning with McMaster Learning for 55+, a unique offering of online courses designed for mature adults.

Enhance your creativity, learn a new technical skill or simply experience the joy of lifelong learning.

All from the comfort of your home.

Browse all courses and register today!


News & Insights

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is So Important to You and Your Career Top 5 Reasons Why Continuing Education Is So Important to You and Your Career

    Today’s tough economy has made the job market much more competitive. More than ever, it’s important to upgrade yourself by investing in your education.

    Improved skills and certifications are the pathway to promotions and career advancement.

    We offer numerous certificate and diploma programs you can pursue online on your own schedule.

    Check out the full article

  • “The lifelong learning journey is challenging yet rewarding” for Continuing Education graduates “The lifelong learning journey is challenging yet rewarding” for Continuing Education graduates

    On November 12, more than 600 McMaster University Continuing Education graduates were celebrated via a virtual celebration.

    The graduating class of 2020 was welcomed and celebrated online through heartfelt video and written messages from university administration, instructors, family and friends.

    Get more details

  • Why Tech Education May Be Your Best Career Move Why Tech Education May Be Your Best Career Move

    Every day, new high-paying technology jobs are created, requiring specialized expertise.

    As tech is ever evolving, employers place a premium on professionals who are up to date with the latest technical skills.

    Upgrading your skills and knowledge through Continuing Education could have you poised for career success.

    Check out the full article

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